If you have found your way here, you are already taking the first step to help you improve your life and reach your personalized goals. Exploring opportunities for therapy and making the decision to begin therapy is a brave and powerful choice.

My goal as a psychotherapist is to safely and compassionately help you move towards the life you want and need. I invite your mind, body and spirit to your process. With deep respect and curiosity, I will walk with you towards your future, while honoring the moments along your way.


I specialize in Trauma, Relationships and Self-Acceptance with adult individuals, couples and groups


Most traditional psychotherapies and newer effective body-informed modalities such as EMDR & SE:

EMDR (Eye Movements and Desensitization Reprocessing) works with traumatic images, thoughts, emotions, and sensations that are “stuck in time”. With EMDR our brains and bodies work together to let us know the danger is over. The memory will remain, but the intense feelings and reactions will no longer be a part of that memory.

SE (Somatic Experiencing) Teaches you to discover and understand what your unique nervous system needs to release the shock of trauma and disturbing experiences that are trapped in your body. Knowing your nervous system will also help you avoid long lasting shock from disturbing events in the future. You will know what comforts you and be better-equipped to reach out and use surrounding resources to help you.


Additional Areas of Interest.:

Addiction                                                                                Conflict Resolution

Depression                                                                             Emotional Abuse

Gender and Sexual Identity                                                   Grief and Loss

Post-Traumatic Stress                                                            Relationships

Self-Esteem/Acceptance                                                        Sexual Abuse

Stress Management                                                               Trauma

Additional Areas of Interest.:


Conflict Resolution


Emotional Abuse

Gender and Sexual Identity

Grief and Loss

Post-Traumatic Stress



Sexual Abuse

Stress Management