About Debora

Debora Romeo, MSW, LCSW:

I work with adults who are choosing change and are ready to work to achieve it. I see myself as partner and guide in the process of healing pain from the past and moving towards a fulfilling future. For some people I am also that caring, nonjudgmental, accepting adult who was absent in childhood. I mirror strengths, perceptions, emotions and validate feelings.

Using some newer effective body-informed therapies such as EMDR (Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing and SE (Somatic Experiencing), as well as traditional therapy approaches, we will find what fits for you (usually a combination of therapies) to help you walk your unique path towards healing and continuing fulfillment.



2002-2004- School and Community Center in Waterford and Detroit, MI-children and families

2004-2007- Landstuhl Regional Medical Center -Germany-military adults, individuals and groups

2008-2010- Community Centers and Psychiatrist office in SW Chicago and suburbs-all populations

2010-current - Private Practice- Evanston, IL with adults of all ages, Individual, couples and groups